Sunday, September 2, 2012

October 2012 Relief Society Activity

Friday Night Frenzy!
October 19th, 2012
We will have crafts and projects you can choose from to work on and take home that evening.
A light dinner will be served.
Please see the sign-up sheets being passed around at church for the crafts/projects.  There will also be sign-up sheets for soup and dessert.

Money for the projects can be given to Christy Wilson and will be due no later than Sunday, September 30th.
Below are the projects (with prices) we will be working on that evening.
Glass Etching
$1.25 per dish
(Bring your own glassware from home)

Never lose a casserole dish again...etch your name on it!
Button Bobby Pins
10 cents each
 (Many vintage buttons available)
 Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub
$2.00 per jar (limit of 2)
(The recipe will be available to take home, if you want to make more for yourself or to use as a gift.)

Pinned Image
Fall Candy Corn
$1.00 per cone
Cones will not be provided.  Please bring how many cones you wish to decorate.  Ideas of places to purchase cones:  Dollar Tree & Hobby Lobby (can use a 40% off coupon).  Cones at Hobby Lobby range from 3-5 dollars.

 Pinned Image

Glitter Trees
$1.00 per cone
Cones will not be provided. Please bring how many cones you wish to decorate. Ideas of places to purchase cones: Dollar Tree & Hobby Lobby (can use a 40% off coupon). Cones at Hobby Lobby range from 3-5 dollars.  Candlestick base also not included.  Tree can stand alone or you may add a candlestick base at home.
(Glitter will be available in red, green, silver, and gold)

Arkansas Shirt - Print Screening
$1.00 per shirt
(You provide the shirt.  We provide the print screening supplies.)


 If none of these crafts appeal to you, feel free to bring your own craft that night to work on and just join us for dinner and socializing. We hope to see you there!

Monday, September 12, 2011

2011 Super Saturday Crafts and Classes

Our Super Saturday activity will be on Oct. 8, 2011. We will be there 9:00-2:00 with lunch at 12:30. Here is the class schedule:

9:00--Machine Piecing (one hour class)/Furniture Refinishing (may take a large chunk of your morning, depending on the project)
9:20--Effective Scripture Study
9:40--Cake Decorating
10:00--Hand Piecing
10:40--Literacy Ideas 
11:20--Getting Your Kids to Work (without the frustration)
11:40--Home organization

The crafts available are shown below, along with their prices:

Picture Puzzles ($3 for a set of eight). Please bring eight 4x6 photos. 
Vine Wreath with Fabric Rosettes ($10). We will have lots of fabric to choose from, or if you bring your own, your cost will only be $8.50.

Moss Initial ($12). Please indicate what letter you want to cover. 
Canvas Date Art ($15). We will be doing the initials and date only. Please indicate the initials and date. 

Birthday Pennant Banner ($8). We will have a variety of fabric to choose from, so each banner will look unique. 

You are welcome to bring your own projects to work on, as well. 

Please Sign up and pay for all crafts and classes by Sunday, Sept. 18th

Please make checks payable to Briawna Hugh. If you have any questions, please email Christy Wilson ( or Briawna Hugh ( with any questions.  Guests are always welcome to attend. We ask that they be old enough to work on crafts unsupervised. No nursery will be provided for our Super Saturday activity.  Please feel free to come and go as needed. 

We look forward to seeing you all at our activity! 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

We're Now on Facebook!


According to Elder Nelson in October's General Conference, "Now in this day of the Internet, there are new and exciting ways you can do missionary work. You can invite friends and neighbors to visit the new Web site. If you have blogs and online social networks, you could link your sites to"

In our continued efforts to keep everyone apprised of activities, needs, and other things pertaining to Relief Society, we've decided to stay a little current and get a facebook page. We know you're on it and if not, now's the time. So click the link in the left column and like us. This will do many things, but most importantly you will be notified of upcoming activities every time we post it. So join us in the online fun.

In addition to the above comment about the positive uses of the internet, Elder Nelson also issued the following challenge: " On you can create your own personal profile. Each profile includes an expression of belief, an experience, and a testimony."

Whether you have a family blog, a personal website, or simply a facebook page, use this wonderful technology to share the gospel! How will you use it to bless your life and the lives of others?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Rogers Relief Society Holiday Dinner

Please join us for our Annual
Relief Society Holiday Dinner
Thursday, November 18 @7:00pm

Enjoy a delicious meal, a beautiful program, and good company. We hope to see you there. 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Are You Prepared for the Holidays?

You may think you have plenty of time before the holidays arrive, but fall is looming and soon enough it will be winter. How prepared are you for the festivities? We're here to help!
Join us for 
Holiday Preparation Workshop
Thursday, Sept. 16 @ 7:00pm

We will have short workshops on the following:

*Christmas Tree Decoration
*Decorative Wreaths
*Quick Gifts
*Kids Craft Ideas

Refreshments will be served.

See You There!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Soup"er Saturday

Rogers Relief Society's Annual
"Soup"er Saturday
Saturday, October 9

Join us for a day of crafts, classes, and culinary comforts. You can participate in crafts, classes, quilt tying, lunch, or bring your own project to work on as we snack, sew, and slurp (the soup, that is).

We'll have the following classes:

*How to Use and Rotate your Food Storage
by Emily Rownack

*How to Use the New Family Search Website
by TBD

Crockpot Soup will be served 11:30-1:00pm

Here are some of the crafts you can make:

Family Home Evening Board ($15.00)

Ribbon Ornaments ($1.00 each) or Paper ornaments ($0.75) 
If you want these personalized, please add $1.00 per word
Pumpkin Turkey Decorative Blocks ($6.00) 
Pumpkin not provided
Wood Family Block Set ($3.00)
Bring your own Background Fabric (8x12 in. home decor fabric works best)
Sand Blasted Casserole Etching ($4.00)
Dish not provided
Diaper Changing Pad Set/2 ($2.50)
Price includes batting, interfacing, and snaps
Bring your own Fabric:
1/2 yd. of minky or terry cloth (you can also buy a clearance bath towel)
1/2 yd. outside fabric (100% cotton)
6x44" strip (Just ask the cut counter to cut you a 6 in. strip from the bolt)

Beaded Watch ($8.00)
Price Includes watch face, clasps, and stretch cord
Bring your own Beads

 Mod Podge Wood Letters ($2.00 per letter)
Bring your own 8x11 scrapbook paper (you'll need up to five sheets)

Photos to come for the following items:
*Flannel Crayon Holder ($4.00)
You can choose from a cute boy print or girl print (they won't be those shown)
If you want to bring your own fabric, you'll only pay $1.00 for the elastic and button and 
you'll need to bring:
8x44" two contrasting flannel fabrics, one for exterior and one for interior (that's two cuts of 8" strips)

*12" Wall Clock ($20.00)
*Sand Blasted Temple Block 
Look for the sign up binder in the foyer outside the chapel and in Relief Society.

**If you'd like to join us for a portion of the morning or for lunch only or bring your own project to work on, please feel free to come and go as you need. This is your day to bask in sisterhood. 
We look forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We're Baack!!

After a little break, our blog is back up and running. We'll be sending out information soon about upcoming activities (see right side bar), new features to the blog and other fun and pertinent information. If you have questions or would like to suggest something we're missing, email Briawna Hugh at or Rebecca Gorden at Come back soon and see what else is new!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Get to Know You - Relief Society Activity

Come join us for a fun Relief Society activity.

"Get to Know You"
Thursday May 20th
7:00 PM
Rogers Ward Building

Come relax, visit and enjoy yummy strawberry shortcake.

Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Online plans for cardboard can rotation system

Hi ladies!

I had a few request for the plans for the cardboard can rotation system I brought to our Enrichment night last week.

Click here for the cardboard version.

Click here for photos and click here for the instructions to the fiberboard version that I put up on my own blog.

And again, if you have any problems or need a little help, just give me a call and we'll put our heads together! Now go forth and rotate!